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Why be sustainable?

I think, for me at least, saying, "we care about our environment" is not enough. When Tate and I created Acorn, the initial goal was to promote wellness through exercise, but we soon came to the realization that Acorn could be so much more.


While taking Environmental Science courses at NC State for my minor, my appreciation for nature blossomed. Yes, I did just use that pun. I was fascinated by the natural cycles that plants and animals share. The Oxygen cycle, for example, is a simple trade off between all plant based and animal based life forms. Plants absorb both Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) that animals breath out and water (H₂O). With energy from sunlight, plants undergo what is commonly known as photosynthesis. This transformation converts CO₂ and water into breathable Oxygen (O₂) and sugars such as Glucose (C₆H₁₂O₆). Humans and animals survive on the Oxygen and sugars that plants produce, while plants survive on the Carbon Dioxide that animals breath out.

I apologize for the brief 9th grade Biology lesson, but it's the simple art of nature that really gets me excited! It's amazing to think about some greater force making all these cycles work out the way they do, and I feel as if it should be respected and cherished more than it is today. Our new goal for Acorn is to promote this passion and respect for our environment, by not only encouraging sustainable practices, but by also sharing our appreciation and hopefully sparking a flame in others to do good for our home.

    - Johnny

How is Acorn Sustainable?

Acorn Climbing strives to be a leader in sustainability and impact on the environment. 

  • Acorn is working towards the goal of shipping all products in the most environmentally conscious way possible. This will mean that, in the near future, everything received in the mail from us will biodegrade or oxidize with no negative impact on the environment. Packaging included. No polymers or VOCs

  • Our hangboard wood is from Hood Wood Distribution, a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) member, ensuring sustainable forest harvesting

  • Acorn purchases carbon credits to offset any emissions from energy consumption due to tooling and transportation

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