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Our flagship hangboard. Designed with the climber in mind. Inventory still available, contact for details.


Side slope of 30 degrees, center slope of 15 degrees. Jugs located on upper corners. Pockets are either mitered or rounded on the inside edge. All pockets are rounded on the outside edge.


Top row: outside pockets are a mitered 1" depth, monos are rounded 1.5" depth, inner pockets are rounded 1.6" depth.

Middle row: four finger pockets are rounded .75" depth, two finger pockets and center pocket are rounded 1" depth.

Bottom row: four finger crimps are mitered .25" depth, three finger pockets are mitered .5" depth, center pocket is rounded .625" depth.

Side pinches are angled at 58° Eye hooks included for weight reduction pully system. Hangers screw into T-nut mounted on the back for anchor building and clipping practice. Dimensions: 23"X6"X1.75"



Crafted from FSC certified domestic White Oak to ensure our products are harvested sustainably.

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