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Fury Series Mounting Instructions for Drywall

1. Remove the plywood backboard included in every modular set.

2. Locate a vertical stud above the doorframe with a stud finder or by poking holes through the drywall until the stud is found.


3. Mark the center of the vertical stud so it can be located with the backboard placed on the wall. 


4. With the backboard positioned in the proper location on the wall (making sure the Acorn logo is not upside down), pre-drill at least two holes through the backboard and into the vertical stud. 


5. Using at least 3" long wood screws, screw the backboard into the vertical stud through the two pre-drilled holes.


6. Screw down the heads so they are sub-surface to allow for modular pieces to freely slide over.


7. Repeat steps 2-6 with the horizontal stud found just above the door frame. Space out the screw locations to increase rigidity/

We are putting video descriptions together for Fury Series mounting and operating instructions. Stay tuned!

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